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Videography at Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

Capture your fairy tale and bring the memory to life with a full-length cinematic production by My Wedding HD. Capture your magical moments with the wedding videography professionals that are raising the bar of excellence. Do not let your special day fade away to a memory. Seize every perfect moment as you create it on your magical day with immersive cinematography.


Wedding Videography Consultation

Develop a genuine relationship with a client-focused videographer that revolves around you and capturing your magical moments. Build a customized package and timeline that are unique to your event and location. Packages are customized to fit every budge. Take advantage of convenient payment plans and affordable deposits. Build your package with the artist, and create a keepsake. Explore techniques and all the possibilities for the day your fairy tale comes true. Bring imagination to a consultation and explore all of your options with videography, drones, effects and the creation of your cinematic production. Share your vision, and capture perfect memories that come to life each time you view them.

“I can upgrade services and maintain the price, because I am more concerned with the outcome than the income. I offer upgraded services at a cost that works with your budget. My Wedding HD has a package for every budget.” -Arthur Pope


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