Common Questions

Q.  Can I stop at the venue to show my family and friend the space?


A. You can stop by during our business hours, keep in mind that our hours vary depending on events taking place. We host events from Monday to Sunday at any time. Please call with at least 24 hours in advance to schedule an appointment and answer any questions you may have.

Q. How can I make payments?


A. Payments can be made with checks, money orders or cashier's check. We ask to restrain from using cash for security purposes and our offices are not equipped with change. Payments with credit or debit cards regardless if in person or by phone will incur in a 2% processing fees. 


Q. When can I schedule my appointment with the designer?


A. In order to schedule your mock table setting appointment, contract needs to be paid in full. We suggest for your appointment to be scheduled from 5 to 3 months prior to your event day. Often times special orders need to be made to host bigger parties or even to cover any inventory that is damaged or old. This appointment will take place in our design studio on TUESDAYS ONLY!!!! 
from the hours of 11am to 8pm (last appointment at 7pm). If you are an out of state client, please plan accordingly as our design studio and inventory is only available on this specific day. We can also schedule a face-time appointment if you are unable to attend in person. Unfortunately, we cannot execute this appointment in any other day of the week.

Q. Can I make changes into my decor once I had my mock table setting?


A. If Client would like to change any aspect of the event design, an additional mock table setting can be scheduled for an additional fee of $75.00, the designer will take new photos of the new design and replace the old photos with the new ones. Changes to linens and/or other decor designs will be accepted up to the week of the event, if there is adequate time to hold another mock table setting, retake design photos and Client pays an additional fee in the amount of $250.00, which shall be paid by Client to Crystal Ballroom; otherwise, no additional changes can be made. 

Q. Can I change my event day?


A. All date changes and venue changes must be received not less than 180 days prior to the event date; otherwise, any and all deposits and monies paid will be non-transferable to the new date. Transfer to another Crystal Ballroom location is not permitted. A new non-refundable deposit in the amount of $1,000.00 is required to move your event to a new date. Only one date change will be granted. 

Q. When is the last day to add any guests?


A. Per contract you can make changes in guest counts up to 30 days prior to the event day. If you are passed the 30 days prior to your event and need changes in your guest count, call us ASAP! If there is inventory that needs to be purchased and not enough time to order with standard shipping client will have the option to pay for 2nd or Next day shipping if not, our designer will be forced to make changes into your selected decorations.

Q. If an upgrade was offered to me at $Price, why is it more now?


A. Upgrades and packages change in price every year. If you were offered an incentive or an upgrade at a discounted price and did not book it, it was never added into your contract. This means that when you come in 3 months later you will receive the upgrade with the current pricing. 

Q. Who is in charge of my event and personal inventory? Ex. Party favors setup, cake knives, ceremony programs, ceremony items (unity candle, etc...), personal champagne flutes, etc...


A. Your event coordinator! If you did not upgrade your package with the Day of Event Coordinator service through Crystal Ballroom, client is responsible to setup all their personal inventory. Our banquet manager is in charge to guide our staff to follow your coordinators timeline requests. Our designers are in charge to setup and deliver all decorations provided by Crystal Ballroom only. If you wish to sit back and enjoy your event without having to direct your vendors or enforce your timeline of activities we highly recommend hiring our amazing Day of Event Coordinator. 

Q. When can my rehearsal be scheduled? Can I rehearse on a Friday or Saturday? Can I drop off my beverages the day before my event?


A. Per contract Event summaries and rehearsals are scheduled on Wednesdays or Thursdays on the week of the event. This appointments are crucial because you will meet your Banquet Manager and we will take notes of all the information pertaining your event, this will ensure a successful and seamless event. Saturdays, Fridays and Sundays are our peek days for events, we keep the venue private 2 hours prior to event start time. If your bridal party is unable to attend the rehearsal you are more than welcomed to take a video to show each bridal party member how to enter the ceremony, how to line up and where they will be standing or seating. You can also execute the rehearsal on the day of the event 1:30 hours prior to your event start time, keep in mind your Coordinator is in charge of executing your rehearsal. Again, we will try to be as accommodating as possible, but Saturday or Sunday will not be considered for delivery of inventory or rehearsals. If you forgot any inventory items, you can bring them one hour and a half prior to your event start time. Delivery of inventory can only be received by your Banquet Manager, Crystal Ballroom office executives are not allowed to receive any inventory.

Q. Can my guests bring any alcohol?

A. Alcohol delivery will be days prior to your event. If a guests comes in with their private bottle, they must deliver this bottle to the bartender. We will not be held responsible for any alcohol brought in and not inventoried during event summary. Alcohol bottles at the tables is not allowed, guests serving alcohol is not allowed, alcohol will only be served at the bar by a Crystal Ballroom bartender. 

Q. Can I change my payment plan?

A. Yes you may! You can reach our office to make changes into your payment arrangements and our executives will educate you on the options available for your event. Keep in mind that contract is required to be paid in full 3 months prior to event day.

Q. If I cancel my event, can I get a refund of any amount paid?


A. Per contract, any monies paid towards an event is non-refundable or transferable. We encourage all our clients to purchase event cancellation insurance. This insurance is not the same as the event insurance required on the week of the event. A cancellation insurance will cover all your payments, deposit and sometimes even jewelry. You can explore some options like:

Q. Is the $400 security deposit needed in cash?


A. Yes! The same money you give us, we will return back provided no damages to the venue or inventory happens during your event. Do not leave at the end of your event without revising the venue with our Banquet Manager, you can also leave a designated family or friend for the final walk through. 

Q. Is the event insurance needed?


A. It is required to provide event insurance covering General & Host liquor liability. This insurance will cover all your guests, vendors and the fact that we are serving your alcohol during the event. You can explore options like: If you are hosting a non-alcohol event, you are still required to purchase the event insurance for General Liability. Often times, guests bring their own bottles of alcohol, if you did not purchase the host liquor liability coverage and our staff is made aware of this situation the event will be stopped until the guest is completely removed from our premises.

Q. Are gratuities mandatory?


A. Per contract $3.00 per guest is mandatory for all events, this will be due during your event summary on the week of the event. An approximate of 7 to 12 staff members will be working your event, they will go above and beyond to be of assistance to your 20 to 250 guests. At the end of the night this $2.00 per guests will be divided between the team working your event. If you wish to leave a separate tip you may do so directly with the banquet manager.