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Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

A Wedding Tuxedo is About Distinction

Wedding Tuxedo

What makes a tux a tux? A satin lapel, satin covered buttons and satin stripes provide the little details that dress up a tux and make it what it is. You won’t find a belt loop here. Bring out that bow tie and the bling with cuff links that this look demands. Keep reading for more about a wedding tuxedo and your wedding day look.

The Color of Your Tux

Never fear adding color. A black tux is timeless wedding attire that complements everything in a formal wedding. The most obvious way to add color to your tux is with the shirt and tie. Be bold with a bright blue tux or go charcoal with a bright blue bow tie. Just make sure your look matches the bride.

Wedding Tuxedo

Wedding Tuxedo Jacket

The wedding tuxedo jacket is an important part of the ensemble. If you are looking for versatility in a slimming and stylish jacket, choose the single breasted jacket. It creates an elongating effect that works well for shorter grooms. If you want a stylish jacket that allows you to forego the vest or cummerbund, choose a double-breasted jacket. Whether you go with the single or double-breasted jacket, the lapel will add the style.

Choosing the Lapel

Choosing the lapel for your wedding tuxedo will have everything to do with your style and personality. The peaked lapel is considered to be a classic look. It is the lapel of tradition, and probably one of the most popular choices. The notch lapel is less dramatic and resembles the everyday suit. The opening falls right below the shoulders. A shawl lapel lacks sharp edges and appears softer and rounded. It provides a modern curve to the glamorous look.

Wedding Tuxedo

Cufflinks of a Wedding Tuxedo

Cufflinks secure the cuffs of a wedding tuxedo shirt and provide space to express style and personality. A variety of materials add unique expression to your formal look. Choose from glass, gemstones, inlays, precious metals, wood, and stone. Cufflinks are secured to your wedding tuxedo shirt by toggles and sometimes they include chains.

The Cummerbund

Your average suit does not sport a satin cummerbund. A wedding tuxedo is set apart by the satin sash at the waistline that disguises the waistband of the pants. This stylish piece of the formal ensemble is always paired with a bow tie, but never with a straight tie or vest.

The Shirt Collar Makes a Statement

The shirt collar of a wedding tuxedo is another opportunity to make a unique statement with style. A wingtip collar will extend beyond a bow tie to create a sharp border. If you are considering a straight tie, you might choose a point collar with its downward points. A spread collar possesses widely spaced points and provides extra space for creative bow tie knots. Your collar is an important piece of your wedding tuxedo and an opportunity to express your style.

Suspenders of a Wedding Tuxedo

Here is yet another detail about a wedding tuxedo that is commonly overlooked. You might be surprised to learn that the trousers do not have belt loops. This fun fact can make suspenders a critical piece of your formal attire, depending on your trousers and the fit. If you wear suspenders, they should be kept out of sight with a cummerbund or a vest.

Wedding Tuxedo

Pocket Square of a Wedding Tuxedo

This colored triangle of fabric is a fancy handkerchief that is folded uniquely and tucked into the breast pocket of a wedding tuxedo to provide the finishing touch to your formal wear. It can add color, contrast and texture with prints.

Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

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