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Answers to Wedding Photography Questions

Wedding Photography

Most couples plan a year or more for this one day that will never happen again. Every moment presents itself just once, giving you the chance to capture it or let it fade. Since wedding photography is so important for the way you remember your wedding day, let’s look at some questions that have been asked by real brides and take a look at the answers from real wedding professionals.

Should my wedding photography be placed on the wedding day timeline?

Yes -your wedding photography moments should be placed on the wedding day timeline. Your photographer will likely cover the event in a way that documents it overall, but there are several key moments that should be included on your timeline, especially if you want certain shots.

Wedding Photography

How many photographers should I have at my wedding?

One photographer with one camera can only capture one angle and one shot at a time. While one photographer can move quickly and efficiently to cover an event, they will not be able to capture it all. A single photographer will provide fewer shots. If you want to document the bride and the groom getting ready with their wedding party simultaneously or the cocktail hour and a newlywed photo shoot at the same time, you might consider a second shooter or possibly a third.

Wedding Photography

When should I book my wedding photography?

Avoid an impulsive last minute decision that is based upon a photographers availability, rather than their skills. As soon as you get engaged, you should begin thinking about your photography. An important part of your wedding photography is the engagement photo shoot. This is essential for your engagement announcements, but is also an opportunity to find your style and get to know the photographer. It also provides an opportunity to review their work and offer feedback for the way you want your wedding photography captured.

Which side is my best side and how should I pose?

Your wedding photography will probably capture multiple angles. The photographer will always attempt to capture each shot with intention. They will consider the light, the angle, the foreground, the background and optical illusions. Without someone positioning your pose and guiding you through the shot, your posture and expressions will be captured in an honest photograph. You should always practice your posture and movements before your wedding day. Your photographer will help you with posed shots. It is recommended that you keep your chin up and turn your torso 45-degrees towards the lens. Hand placement can make things awkward. The hips are usually a safe place. You can never go wrong holding your partner’s hand. Practice a photo shoot with friends to get comfortable behind the camera and find your best angles.

Wedding Photography

What are the differences in wedding photography styles?

Wedding photography style can reference the style of the shoot and the style of the edits. Many brides look at the images and only see the edits. The style of the shoot could be classic, journalistic, editorial, fine art or dramatic. Classic images are those found in your grandparents’ photo albums. Journalistic style covers your event like a news story. Editorial photography is focused on conveying a message with the image and creating art worthy of a magazine cover. Dramatic images are dramatic like the name implies. The photographer usually works with lighting to create special effects. Images can appear bright or extremely soft and dark. Fine art photography is light, bright and airy. Each photograph is shot with the intention of creating art, rather than just shooting what falls in the viewfinder. Each image can stand alone as a piece of art, but is intended to be added to a larger collection to tell a story. The editing style is what happens to your images during editing. The result could be light and bright, dark and moody, matte looking and hazy or black and white.

Do I need a list of wedding photography shots?

You should always create a wedding photography timeline and list of shots to share with your photographer and your day of event coordinator. This detailed list is essential to getting all the posed images you want. Try to stick with what is most important to you. You will want pictures with your parents, grandparents, close family and your friends. Create a space on your timeline to capture these important shots. Table shots during the reception are a good way to get a photograph with each guest.

Wedding Photography

What is the best backdrop for wedding photography?

Create your magical moments at Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill, and create an enchanting backdrop with the in-house designers. This all-inclusive wedding venue keeps professional wedding designers and planners on staff to create the wedding and reception of your dreams. Every wedding package includes a meeting with designers and access to a treasure trove of décor. All of the furnishings, designs and services are included in every wedding package. Plan your entire fairy tale with Crystal Ballroom, from ceremony to reception. Contact Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill to schedule your private tour and begin planning.


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