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Choosing Your Wedding Hairstyle

Wedding Hairstyle

The way you style your hair on your wedding day is a huge decision with many factors to consider. Whether you choose an elegant updo or blown out luscious locks comes down to personality, the shape of your face, length of your hair, your headpiece and the style of your wedding dress. Planners share a few tips for choosing your wedding hairstyle.

Wedding Hairstyle and Personality

This is not your everyday hairstyle. It is a once in a lifetime moment that will be remembered forever and captured in every wedding photograph. On any day, your hairstyle is a reflection of your personality. However, it is not recommended that you wear your everyday hairstyle on your wedding day. You should do something a little differently, while staying with the comfort zone of your personality. You might consider a wedding hairstyle that allows you to quickly remove a hairpiece or pin and change up your look between the ceremony and the reception. An updo is undeniably sophisticated. Blowing out long flowing curls is dramatic and daring. Ponytails are fun. Braids and buns are intricate and elegant. Ultimately, you must choose a wedding hairstyle that expresses your personality and fits the occasion.

Wedding Hairstyle

A Wedding Hairstyle for the Shape of Your Face

Wedding hairstyles will accentuate features and create illusions. Those with a rectangular face should soften the sharp jaw and forehead while avoiding elongating the face. Layers accentuate cheekbones and hide sharp corners of the face. Rectangular shapes should avoid a long wedding hairstyle, unless they add volume with blown out curls. A romantic chignon would be a better choice than a high bun that would emphasize the jawline. Oval shapes can pull off almost any wedding hairstyle. You might consider long locks or a short bob. Curls always add volume. Square-shaped faces have broad foreheads, wide cheekbones and strong jawlines. A side part with layers avoids sharp angles. Heart-shaped faces have a broad forehead and cheekbones with a narrow chin. It is important to have balance between the brow and the lower half. Pixie cuts with a side part and textured ends or a bob will create the appearance of a fuller jawline. Round faces require definition. Let the long layers begin at the jawline. A short side fringe can add length to the shape of the face. Round faces should avoid bobs and a single layer cut.

Going with an Updo

An updo can take many shapes and create many looks. If you want to highlight your face, neck and shoulders, an updo will do it perfectly. Many brides choose an updo with a strapless dress. A bun and all its variations are probably the most popular. Not every bun is made the same. A chignon is a classy variation of the standard bun that is worn low. The hair is gathered into a ponytail at the base of the neck. Then it is twisted into a loose bun. Buns and chignons can be neat, messy, curled or braided to create a unique look. A French twist gathers the hair at the nape and twists the hair as it is pulled upwards into a clip or held with pins. The ends are tucked into the wrap to create a smooth vertical twist.

A Braided Wedding Hairstyle

Braids are versatile. They can be styled up as a wrapped bun or worn down as a long side braid. They can be neat, messy, stringed with ribbons or layered with flowers. Like the updo, braids complement a strapless dress and will highlight the neckline. A French braid is an intricate wedding hairstyle that gathers small sections of hair into a single braid, beginning at the crown and continuing downward. The braid can be tight and smooth or full and loose. The style of your braid and accessories are an opportunity to convey your personality.

Wedding Hairstyle


Extensions can be added to almost any wedding hairstyle to create the illusion of volume and length. Regardless of whether you wear your hair up, down or in a braid, adding extensions will create a dramatic look. Extensions provide more options for a bride with shorter hair. If you dream of a long wedding hairstyle on your wedding day, adding extensions can help you achieve the look.

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