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The Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

Planning a Fairy Tale Wedding

If you are thinking about the fairy tale and the happily ever after inspired theme, you are dreaming up the elegance and grandeur of a Cinderella ballroom and the magic in the love story at Belle’s castle. Couples are dreaming up fairy tale wedding themes to make their moment as magical and unforgettable as a Disney princess story. Get inspired by these fairy tale wedding ideas to make your wedding a happily ever after story.

Designing a Cinderella Fairy Tale Wedding

Capture the theme of a Cinderella fairy tale wedding in a ballroom fit for a princess. Over-sized crystal chandeliers dangling overhead, uplighting with a hue of blue, and coordinating with the color palette of Cinderella are almost required for any Cinderella fairy tale wedding inspired theme. Bring Cinderella's ballroom to life with over-sized candelabras and roses. Blue table linens, silver runners, blue chair sashes, silver charger plates and fine china will create a setting for kings, queens and every princess.

A Cinderella Fairy Tale

Elements of a Cinderella fairy tale wedding include a horse-drawn carriage, a Cinderella cake, over-sized candelabras, an aisle runner and rose petal aisle décor. Dance with your prince charming on a cloud that blankets the majestic floor with Dancing on a Cloud effects in your wedding venue. Fasten a glass slipper to a blue or silver satin pillow, and place the ring inside of the shoe for the ring bearer's ceremonious event. A Cinderella fairy tale wedding is an evening affair with the element of a clock to time the magic until the stroke of midnight. However, a fairy tale wedding can happen at any hour. Send your guests formal invitations to the ball and have a footman greet them as they arrive.

Themed wedding attire is essential to every fairy tale wedding. Consider a bedazzled gown with an underskirt for the exaggerated volume, a princess tiara, and hydrangeas bouquet to complete the look. The groom's attire should always coordinate to match the bride in a way that compliments her perfectly. A white tuxedo with a long tail and gold embroidered accent designs or a traditional black or white tuxedo will pull off a Cinderella fairy tale wedding theme.

Designing a Beauty and the Beast Fairy Tale Wedding

If you are dreaming of a Beauty and the Beast fairy tale wedding, your theme demands a fairy tale castle with the grandeur and awe of French décor, crystal chandeliers, over-sized candelabras that are scattered throughout the space at different heights, a dramatic blue and gold color scheme, and stacks of books. It would be impossible to have a Beauty and the Beast fairy tale wedding theme without a red rose. Incorporate red roses in the wedding venue, on top of candelabras and in the wedding bouquet. An accent table with the enchanted rose will add the perfect touch.

A Beauty and the Beast Fairy Tale Wedding

Do not forget to add the essential characters to a Beauty and the Beast fairy tale wedding. Add antique clocks throughout the venue or as centerpiece décor to incorporate Cogsworth, the talking clock. Over-sized Candelabras will perfectly represent the castle’s maître d', Lumière. Create invitations with a “be our guest” message, include a tea party for Mrs. Pots and Chip at the reception, and serve the feast and cakes from the Beauty and the Beast fairy tale story.

Make your fairy tale wedding come true at Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill, where a professional design team is dedicated to the creation of the wedding of your dreams. Pick and choose the elements that will create your magical moment from a treasure trove of décor, chair sashes, table runners, charger plates, centerpieces, candelabras and more. Contact Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill for a complimentary VIP tour of this unique wedding venue, and let the designers bring your fairy tale wedding to life!


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