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The Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

Getting Engaged

Getting engaged

When should you get engaged? This question has a different answer for everyone. While timing is unique to your relationship, we can explore the current trends for getting engaged. If you are wondering when most couples are making it happen or looking for ideas, keep reading.

When Should Your Propose?

In life, timing seems to be everything. Ask too soon, and send them running for the hills. Wait too long, and miss your opportunity. Trends suggest that couples are waiting longer to get married, but this does not mean they are waiting longer to get engaged. Couples are choosing to live together before marriage, and have longer relationships prior to marriage. It is a known fact that most women fall into the pit of limerence faster than men. It is easy to get caught in the comfortable zone of a relationship, which takes the urgency out of marriage. The timing of your wedding proposal will be established by your relationship. If your partner has talked about marriage, you know it is on their mind. There is not a secret clock for timing it right. Ask yourself when the moment feels right and you cannot go wrong.

Getting engaged

Get Engaged on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is the day of love, romantic notes and delectable chocolates. It is also the day for getting engaged. Romantic dinners and night strolls create opportunity to ask the big question. If you are thinking about getting engaged, get prepared for the flowers, candy and the ring. Valentine’s day is among the most popular days for getting engaged.

Getting Engaged on the Fourth of July

Fireworks create a romantic element and perfect timing to drop to one knee. This patriotic holiday usually brings family and friends together for a festive celebration. The grand finale under a magical sky makes a perfect proposal.

Getting Engaged on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is another celebration with fireworks and perfect moments. This special day brings in the new year with a bang. When the ball drops and you go in for the kiss, there might be a question rolling off the lips. Trends tell us that couples are taking advantage of the celebrated occasion to create a romantic moment to pop the big question.

Christmas Day

Christmas day seems to be the number one most popular day for getting engaged. Christmas brings couples together for love, sharing and gifts. Whether it is under the mistletoe or the tree, engagement rings are a popular gift on this day. Christmas creates so many opportunities to pull it off with surprise.

Planning it Right

Most want to make the wedding proposal romantic. Create an intimate experience at a location and on a day that are significant to your relationship. Since photographs will follow, think about the backdrop for the special moment. The delivery is probably the most important part of it all. It can be as complex as a short speech of all the reasons why or as simple as asking the big question on a bent knee. After getting engaged, you will begin announcing your engagement, celebrating and planning the fairy tale wedding to follow.

Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

Regardless of the magical day you get engaged, Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill can create your fairy tale wedding. Crystal Ballroom is an all-inclusive wedding and event venue with an in-house design team and planners. Plan your magical moments at this luxurious ballroom that is designed just for you. Every wedding package includes all of the furnishings, décor, bartender services, banquet staff and a professional wedding design team. Schedule your private VIP tour and begin your wedding planning journey at Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill.


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