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Planning a Wedding From Home

Excited about planning a wedding, but feeling limited by circumstances? Thanks to technology, planning a wedding just got a whole lot easier. Now you can plan every detail without ever leaving home. Kick back, get comfortable and start tackling that wedding checklist with these simple ways to plan a wedding from home.

Planning a Wedding with Vendors

Planning a wedding usually involves vendors. Who will cater that fine cuisine at your reception and immortalize those romantic moments in your picture frames? Wedding vendors can be essential to making a wedding the fairy tale we imagine. That is why the process of hiring vendors is such an important part of planning a wedding. This process is luckily something we can do from home.

Couples will begin the process of hiring vendors about 12 months prior to the wedding date. This is the time to read reviews, count stars, and contact wedding vendors by email or phone to ask questions about services and availability. Make a list of vendors and take notes to help you make a selection. If you are planning a wedding with an all-inclusive wedding venue, contact them to see if they have relationships with vendors to provide you with better rates. This can all be done on a cellphone or mobile device from home.

Planning a Wedding at Your Venue

One of the first steps to planning a wedding is to tour wedding venues to find your dream wedding location. This should be done about 12 months prior to the wedding date. If circumstances are preventing you from making appointments to view venues, this step might seem like a roadblock in your journey to planning a wedding. Rest assured that you can begin planning your magical moment completely online from home. Many wedding venues conduct video tours that allow a complete virtual experience of the venue and allow interactive event planning consultation services.

Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill is an all-inclusive wedding venue that offers video tours to make planning a wedding from home a simple process. Communicate with designers about your theme and the vision for your magical day. Video tours of the event venue can be individual or as a group with your partner, close friends or family. You will view mock table settings and samples of décor, gain inspiration and begin the planning process from the palm of your hands. Do not wait to select your wedding venue. Secure your wedding date from home.

The Gift Registry Part of Planning a Wedding

The gift registry is probably one of the most enjoyable parts of planning a wedding. Creating shopping wish lists can definitely be a gratifying pastime. Create a couple different gift registries online at different stores, and make sure to choose items in different price ranges to provide options for your guests. Planning a wedding involves your significant other, and gift registries are the perfect way to get your partner involved. Create a registry together and separately. Have fun with this step of planning a wedding from home.

Planning a Wedding Website and Creating It

Planning a wedding website is a fun at home project that can bring a couple together. Design your website to be unique and represent the personality of you and your partner. Add photographs of your engagement with your engagement story. Add a blog to share information with your guests and wedding party, and create a platform to share your story about planning a wedding. Write bios for everyone in your wedding party. Add an events page for all of your pre-wedding events. Do not forget to include your gift registry information. You will discover that a wedding website is a fun ongoing project that can all be done from the comfort of your home.

Create Invitations

While you will want to wait until about two months prior to your wedding to send out invitations, the best time to create invitations is when you have time. If you are home planning, start researching ideas for wedding invitations by reading blogs online. There is a plethora of themed wedding invitation ideas online to gain inspiration for yours. Craft items can be ordered online and assembled at your kitchen table. Many couples are searching for ways to save paper and choosing to get creative with email wedding invitations. Have fun and let your imagination run.

Regardless of circumstances, the daydreaming and planning can continue from wherever the world holds you in place. Planning a wedding from home with Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill is effortless, regardless of your location. Experience masterful design, elegant décor and unparalleled service with the Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill experience. Consult with our designers, and pick and plan your magical moment, from the colors and fabrics to the flowers and centerpieces. Book a video tour and never leave home.


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