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The Ultimate Wedding Gift Registry

Wedding Gift Registry

There are a few main events that occur during wedding planning that shower the couple with gifts, such as the engagement party, bridal shower and the wedding day. Creating a gift registry is an opportunity to create a list of things you like and will likely use in your home together. Before you start scanning items on the shelf, we have a list of essentials for the ultimate wedding gift registry.

Think About Your Table Settings

You might be wondering what to add to the wedding gift registry. It is a good idea to add practical items you know you will use. We often think of traditional items, like picture frames and vases, but it is okay to choose gifts that meet your interests over tradition. If you like crystal, put it on the list. If you want items for a hobby you share with your partner, include those too. Do not forget about your dining table. Consider adding the following items to your wedding gift registry:

Dinner plates

Serving platters


​Charger plates

Serving bowls

Champagne flutes

Cups and saucers

Sugar and creamer bowls



Gravy boats

Water glasses

Soup bowls


Juice glasses

Wine bucket

Cocktail shaker



Dinner napkins

​Table runner

Wedding Gift Registry

Kitchenware on the Wedding Gift Registry

Think beyond the dining table and think about items for your shared kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home. Filling it requires careful thought. It is a good idea to choose items that are neutral, such as stainless steel pots and standard food processors, until you find your style as a couple. If you struggle for ideas for the kitchen, you can never go wrong with this list:


Microwave oven

Spatulas and cooking utensils

Rice cooker

Hand mixer


Coffee pot


Waffle iron

Food processor

Toaster oven

Cutting board

Pots and Pans



Baking sheets

Mixing bowls

Measuring cups

Household Items on the Wedding Gift Registry

As you start your life together, you will quickly find a need for household items. You might want to include items for your living area and outdoors space. Think about hobbies you share together, such as skiing, fishing, video games, movies and camping. You might want suitcases for future travel plans or a cozy tent for a camping trip. You will definitely have a need for a hammer and nails. Consider adding these essential household items:


Throw blankets and pillows

Bed linens



Area rugs


Air purifier

Vacuum cleaner

Power drill

Allen wrench set

Exercise equipment

Screwdriver set



Hand towels


Bath towels


​Bath mats

Picture frames and artwork

Creating the Registry

There are so many ecommerce possibilities that make creating the wedding gift registry easy. It also provides an easy shopping experience for your guests. It is a good idea to create a couple different registries to expand your options and provide different price ranges for your guests. If you plan on adding several expensive gifts to the registry, add an equal number of less expensive items. You will not just create the registry, but you will also need to manage it. You should check on your registries weekly to make sure you have provided enough items in different price ranges.

Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

Creating a wedding gift registry is only one part of wedding planning. To plan everything else, contact Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill. This luxurious venue includes exclusive designs, in-house wedding designers, elegant furnishings and extraordinary banquet staff services. Bring imagination to the design studio, and choose your colors, linens, floral arrangements and centerpieces. Build your vendor team with the talents of the finest Crystal Ballroom vendors and the assistance of the free concierge service. Create your magical moments in a ballroom designed just for you. Contact Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill to begin planning.

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