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Think About Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

Before you start planning the floral aspects of your wedding, there are essential details to consider. The journey of selecting wedding flowers typically starts with the bridal bouquet. This becomes the focal point, and all other floral arrangements are selected to complement it. Keep these pointers in mind as you contemplate your wedding flowers.

Select Your Venue First

Your choice of wedding venue acts as the backdrop for your floral arrangements. It's crucial to decide between options like an outdoor tented event or an elegantly designed ballroom. This decision will significantly influence the mood, theme, and color palette of your wedding. The variety in colors and styles of wedding flowers must harmonize with your chosen venue. Therefore, finalizing your venue should precede the selection of your color scheme and floral arrangements for the big day.

Wedding Flowers

Selecting Your Bouquet Style

Prior to choosing your flowers, it's important to determine the style of your bouquet. Nosegay bouquets are composed of densely arranged flowers, typically bound with wire or fabric, creating a round shape with uniformly trimmed flowers. Biedermeier bouquets are akin to nosegays but are distinct in their circular arrangement of flowers, forming a striped pattern. Cascade bouquets, on the other hand, mimic a floral waterfall, designed to flow over the hand in a teardrop shape. Hand-tied bouquets feature a bunch of flowers secured together with a ribbon. With a plethora of bouquet styles available, it's crucial to find one that complements the overall ambiance of your wedding.

Wedding Flowers

Choosing the Ideal Florist

Selecting the right florist is more than just about replicating those perfect magazine flower arrangements. It requires finding a florist who combines artistic flair with technical expertise. Comfort and confidence in your florist are essential; they should actively listen and show genuine interest in bringing your vision to life. Test their creativity by asking for a few design ideas on the spot – a skilled florist should easily offer at least three concepts. Remember, many all-inclusive wedding venues provide in-house design services and décor, often including artificial flowers, which can be a cost-effective alternative to hiring a separate florist. However, if you prefer fresh flowers, investing in a professional florist is advisable.

Considerations for Wedding Photography

When planning your wedding venue, it’s vital to think beyond the event and consider how your choices will be immortalized in photographs. The use of heat-sensitive flowers like hydrangeas for outdoor settings can lead to wilted arrangements and disappointing photos. To counter this, consider mixing artificial with live flowers, especially in hot and sunny conditions.

Be aware of how floral arrangements translate in photographs. Long stems in a bouquet might end up looking like just stems in photos, overshadowing the beauty of the flowers. Ensure that your arrangements are full and gap-free, as these flaws can be amplified in pictures.

For your sweetheart table, steer clear of overly large centerpieces. While they are visually striking, they can obstruct views of the bride and groom, missing out on capturing important facial expressions and moments during toasts. A balance between drama and visibility is key for memorable photography.

Wedding Flowers

Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

Discover inspiration and creative concepts at a full-service wedding venue staffed with a proficient design team focused on wedding florals. Consult with the in-house designers at Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill to craft your ideal ceremony and reception. Envision walking down an aisle adorned with rose petals and exchanging heartfelt vows in a sophisticated ballroom tailored specifically for your special day.


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