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Think About Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding Flowers

There are a few things to know about your wedding flowers before diving into the design. Wedding flowers always begin with the wedding bouquet, and every other wedding flower is picked and designed to match. These tips should get you thinking about your wedding flowers.

Book Your Venue

The wedding venue will be the canvas for your wedding flowers. It is important to decide on whether to have a tented affair or a fully designed ballroom. The differences will set the tone, theme and influence colors. Wedding flowers have a variety of colors and styles that must be coordinated with your wedding venue. Before choosing a color scheme and the flowers for the occasion, choose the wedding venue.

Wedding Flowers

Find Your Bouquet

Before you start picking flowers, you need to find your bouquet style. Nosegay bouquets consists of a tightly packed bunch of flowers that are wrapped with wire or fabric. This popular bouquet is round and each flower is cut to a uniform length. Biedermeier arrangements are very similar to the nosegay; however, they differ in the way they align the flowers in circles to create a striped effect. Cascade bouquets resemble a waterfall of flowers. It is meant to hang over the hand into a teardrop. Hand-tied bouquets consist of a cluster of flowers that are bound by a ribbon. There are so many more styles of bouquets to discover, and every style must match the tone of your wedding.

Wedding Flowers

Find the Perfect Florist

Every bride wants the flowers from the magazine, but there is a little science behind creating that image. Finding an experienced florist that has a knack for the art and the knowledge for the science is key. You should feel comfortable with your florist. They should listen to your dream and seem interested in creating your vision. Put them to the test and ask them for a couple design ideas. They should be able to give you at least three designs right off the top of their head. All-inclusive wedding venues with in-house designers and décor usually include artificial flowers that can save you on the cost of hiring a florist. However, if you want live flowers, invest in a professional florist.

Think About Your Photography

We design our wedding venue for the moment, but we need to think about the memory. That requires we think about how our flowers will look in the pictures. When a florist uses flowers that are heat sensitive in the outdoors, such as hydrangeas, this can result in wilted centerpieces and a complete photography fail. If you are using live flowers, avoid heat sensitive flowers in the heat and sun. Mixing artificial flowers with live flowers can be a simple solution.

Photography can create optical illusions. Long stems in a bouquet can appear as nothing but stems in a photograph and detract from the beautiful floral designs. Make sure your flowers do not have gaps or holes in the design. These errors can appear larger and more noticeable in a photograph.

While huge centerpieces are dramatic, avoid a large centerpiece on the sweetheart table that blocks the faces of the bride and groom. Facial expressions and toast reactions can be missed when there is a massive centerpiece blocking the view of the camera.

Wedding Flowers

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