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Tips for Planning Same Sex Weddings

Same Sex Weddings

Congratulations! You are engaged and planning the most magical day you will share with your partner. This day deserves perfection. Get cozy with your partner and enjoy these tips for planning same sex weddings.

Create a Theme

Every wedding begins with a vision for the theme. You and your partner will likely have different ideas about your wedding day. It is important to share those ideas with each other and find compromise to make it an unforgettable day with equal magic for both of you. Your theme can be related to the way you met, a special travel destination or anything your heart imagines. You might even choose a romantic Christmas wedding with oversized Christmas trees and décor. Design matching ornaments for the grooms or the brides and take the opportunity to make hanging them on the tree a photo session for your album.

The Venue for Same Sex Weddings

There are probably a hundred wedding venues close to fantasy, but only one will be able to deliver the magic from your imagination. You have daydreamed about this day and probably have an idea about how every moment should be. You may have envisioned the stringed quartet, a luxurious ceremony space with crystal chandeliers and an abundance of flowers on every perfectly decorated table. Wedding venues provide enchanting spaces, but make sure the location is meaningful to you and your partner. While most venues have limited services and designs or just the empty space, it is important to find a venue with an in-house design team and décor options to give your dream possibilities. Professional wedding designers can provide a level of service beyond a wedding venue to actually create the space and stage your wedding day.

Same Sex Weddings

The Shape of Same Sex Weddings

Same sex weddings can sometimes take a different shape. The wedding party and procession might be a little different. The ceremony will be unique to your relationship. Traditionally, the wedding party consists of the maid of honor, bridesmaids, best man, groomsmen, ushers, parents of the bride and parents of the groom. Children are not always included in weddings, but when they are, it is common to have flower girls, page boys and a ring bearer. Your wedding does not have to follow any predesigned blueprints. You can have bridesmaids or groomsmen on both sides. It is important to define your wedding party early with supportive friends and family. You need to know in the beginning who is willing and able to take on the special roles in the wedding party.

Same Sex Weddings

It is Okay to Do Things Differently

Same sex weddings do not have a one size fits all. Couples choose different themes, color palettes and rituals to make the moments unique. The procession does not have to follow the traditional wedding march down a center aisle with the father giving you away. A popular variation creates two aisles which allows the couple to walk alone and meet at the wedding arch. The couple could also escort each other down the center aisle. Seating arrangements do not divide the room for the bride or the groom. A common arrangement is to have guests pick a seat and not the side of the room. Another way couples are making their ceremony unique is with rituals like a unity candle or sand ceremony. You might write your own wedding vows and have special readings. Be creative when you coordinate your wedding attire, the procession of the wedding party and all the unique ways you choose to celebrate.

Same Sex Weddings

Wedding Attire

Your wedding attire is an opportunity to infuse your personality and theme into your wedding day. Your attire should be coordinated with each other to match. Discuss your attire with your partner and make sure you have a shared vision. You should also coordinate your accessories and flowers.

Same Sex Weddings

Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations should be uniquely designed to match your theme and colors. Choosing the design of your wedding invitations and print can take time. Make sure you design and order your invitations about five to six months prior to your wedding. You should send out invitations about two months prior to your wedding day with a RSVP deadline of three weeks prior to the event. Include any pertinent information regarding dress code and whether children are welcome.

Same Sex Weddings

Rings for Same Sex Weddings

Same sex weddings do not have any rules about whether both partners can wear an engagement ring, one ring or three. Wedding rings are about personal preference. There is some part of tradition that compels us to match; however, wedding rings are an expression of individuality, just as much as they are a symbol of marriage. Regardless of how different or how similar our rings might be, they will always remain symbolic of the union. There is more uniqueness to an individual than their fashion. We each have a unique skin tone and shape of the hand. While one partner prefers white gold, the other might desire the tough tungsten carbide. The thickness of the band should match the size of the finger. The most important consideration to take to heart when choosing your wedding rings is that it must be something you can commit to wearing everyday for the rest of your life. Pick out your wedding rings together and make it a special part of planning.

Same Sex Weddings

Unique Ideas for Same Sex Weddings

Matching pillows with unique embroidery for the grooms or the brides can create a romantic and meaningful arrangement on seating or on the bed of the honeymoon suite.

Same Sex Weddings
Embroidered Pillows

Matching hangers with names can be a sweet and meaningful way to hang the wedding attire, and creates a special keepsake.

Same Sex Weddings
Customized Hangers

Signature cocktails designed by and named after the couple can make the cocktail hour interesting, fun and memorable.

Same Sex Weddings
Signature Cocktails

Celebrating Same Sex Weddings

Planning same sex weddings has a lot more to celebrate than just the event you are planning. This is a moment to celebrate your love, those that support your love and the legal rights that have liberated it. Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill can help you create the fairy tale. Bring imagination to a ballroom with master designers and planners. Walk the red carpet to a venue designed just for you.

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