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Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

Tips for the Wedding Planning Challenges


Congratulations! You are engaged and discovering the wedding planning process. As you stumble into the process with every magazine, blog and resource at hand, you might discover that wedding planning is not that easy. We are here to help. Keep reading and discover a few tips to avoid the challenges of wedding planning.

The First Step to Wedding Planning

As soon as you announce your engagement, everyone will push for a date and details. It can become overwhelming under pressure. All you need at first is the date. Once you have a date in mind, you can easily begin the process of finding your venue. The wedding venue is the first and most important step to planning your wedding day.

Choosing a Venue

Booking the wedding venue is at the top of the wedding planning list for good reason. You must book your wedding venue before you can plan many of the details of your wedding day, such as the wedding colors and flowers. Before you book a venue, there is a lot to consider. You need to decide on location and the type of experience you want to create. An all-inclusive venue with an in-house design team can help you imagine, design and create the wedding of your dreams without the stress.


An All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

An all-inclusive wedding venue is the easiest way to plan. These types of venues include all of the furnishings, designs and services. Instead of renting tables, chairs and décor separately, everything is included, as the name suggests. You will meet with professional designers and event advisors to pick your colors and décor. The entire event is designed to match your vision. The charger plates, chinaware, linens, centerpieces and flowers are all selected during a consultation with a professional designer inside of a design studio. All you need to do is make your selections and allow the wedding professionals to create your vision. This makes wedding planning an effortless journey.

Planning the Wedding Fashion

There is no doubt that wedding fashion is a big decision. You should always choose your venue before choosing your dress, and choose your dress before your flowers and other fine details. The wedding dress is the most important piece of wedding fashion. There are no rules when it comes to your dress, just some fashion guidelines to help. We have somehow erroneously associated ivory dresses with a loss of purity or loss of innocence. This ideal previously limited many brides to ivory for a second marriage. Today, choosing ivory has more to do with complexion and preference. While white remains the traditional color for wedding dresses, brides are redefining color when it comes to their wedding. You should choose the silhouette and the color that feels perfect.

Finding Your Vendors

In a world of internet, finding a plethora of wedding vendors is not a challenge. However, not just anyone will do. You would not want to hire a photographer that is just taking up a hobby or a deejay that has never serviced a wedding. When building your team of wedding vendors, consider talent, experience and services. The safest place to find your team of vendors is at your wedding venue. Most wedding venues have a preferred list of trusted vendors. Wedding planning requires that you create a list, do your research and interview your candidates.


Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill is an all-inclusive wedding venue with an in-house design team and professionals to create the wedding of your dreams. Meet inside of the design studio and effortlessly plan all of the details of your wedding day, from the rose petals on your aisle to the centerpieces on your tables. All of the furnishings, décor and services are included to create your fairy tale wedding. Work with the in-house day of event coordinators and guarantee a flawless event. Contact the wedding professionals to begin your wedding planning journey.


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