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The Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

Wedding Attire and Fashion Details

Wedding Attire

As soon as you get engaged and start planning your wedding day, there are a lot of questions to answer. Where, when, how and what you will wear will probably be at the top of important things to decide. Stylish tux and ballgown or lacy boho dress and a tweed suit are part of that dilemma. Your wedding attire should match the tone and vibe of your event, and should never be a complicated or stressful decision. Personality will be the ultimate influence, but we want to help you make your fashion statement. Keep reading and discover our tips for your wedding attire and fashion details.

Casual Wedding Attire

Not every couple wears formal wedding attire to their wedding. Your theme and the atmosphere of the ceremony and reception will guide your choices. If you are planning a boho or rustic wedding theme, casual wedding attire will fit the occasion. The little touches you choose to add to your ensemble can be essential to creating your perfect look.

Groom’s Casual Wedding Attire

In the absence of a formal jacket, consider a dress shirt with a vest. Accent your cuffs with wooden cufflinks. Go with a tie or without, but wear the boutonniere to match your bride. While the beach might call for a simple loafer, country rustic themes approve polished cowboy boots and matching hats. Incorporate tweed fabric into your ensemble. For an even more casual look, snap up some suspenders to match the vibe.

Bride’s Casual Wedding Attire

If you want to forego the glitz and glam and all of the embellishments, you might choose a simple and sexy trumpet silhouette, but with the attitude of a minimalist. A sheath, mermaid, trumpet or A-line dress are perfect silhouettes to match the rustic vibe. Lacy and flowing dresses in ivory, champagne or creamy hues can easily create the look. If you want the diamond white wedding dress, you can definitely pull it off. However, soft tones are preferred to match the color palette of a rustic wedding.

Formal Wedding Attire

If you are dreaming up a formal affair, you might choose a tux and dreamy dress with a long train and cathedral veil. Embellishments, a long train and impressive veil are the easiest ways to design a formal look. Make a statement with a classy tux. Satin lapels, satin covered buttons and satin stripes provide the little details that dress up a tux and make it what it is. Show your style with your lapels with a shawl style, notch style or peak. A formal wedding is slightly less formal than black tie.

Wedding Attire

Black Tie Wedding

The black tie is the most common dress code for a formal event. This simply indicates an evening wedding. Men wear a tuxedo with a cummerbund, black tie, bow tie, and patent leather shoes. Women wear a floor-length evening gown. If you desire a white or black tie wedding, you should define the terms in the invitations to avoid confusion.

White Tie Wedding

When we think formal, we usually imagine a black tie affair; however, a white tie event is the most formal dress code. Imagine a Cinderella fairy tale where men wear a tailcoat, white shirt, white vest, bow tie, black formal shoes and white gloves, and women wear a ballgown to the floor.

Dressing the Wedding Party

Your wedding party should always be dressed better than the guests. Keep your dress code requests in mind, and plan to dress your wedding party accordingly. If you are considering a white tie or black, your bridesmaids should wear formal gowns, and your groomsmen should wear a tux and suspenders. In contrast, if you are planning a casual afternoon wedding in a garden, it would be appropriate to dress your wedding party in semi-formal or cocktail attire.

Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

The Venue to Match the Fashion

Before you choose your wedding attire and other fashion details, you should choose your wedding venue. Your wedding venue will have the largest affect on the theme. Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill is an elegant venue with professional wedding designers, furnishings, draperies and décor to design and stage your ceremony space and reception ballroom. Step inside of the design studio and plan your dream wedding with Crystal Ballroom.


We invite you to discover the
Crystal Ballroom event venue difference found in the unparalleled elegance and uniqueness written into the design of each of our venues. The themes are as limitless as your imagination.

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