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What You Need to Know About Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

If you are thinking about getting engaged this season, you probably have some questions about engagement rings. With so many stones, cuts, settings, sizes and metals, how do you find that perfect ring? How much should you spend? This small guide should help answer some questions on your journey to finding the perfect ring for your true love.

How Do I Know She Will Love It?

The most common concern about engagement rings is whether she will love it. You want to create awe, make them fall in love with the ring and say "yes." To ease all of your concerns, her answer will have little to nothing to do with the ring. If she loves you, she will love the ring. However, this is a ring you want them to proudly wear forever and absolutely love. In all the ways it can be difficult to buy shoes for another, it can be difficult to find the perfect ring.

Things to Consider Before Shopping for Engagement Rings

Before going out to make the big purchase, notice whether they wear a lot of jewelry or if they are a minimalist in that department. If they do wear jewelry, make a mental note about whether they are flaunting yellow gold, white gold, silver or another metal. Take notice of the size and color of the stones they choose to wear. Not every bride wants a diamond; however, a diamond is the most common stone when it comes to engagement rings. When shopping diamond engagement rings, consider the 4 C’s.

Engagement Rings

The Cut of Engagement Rings

One of the most important characteristics of engagement rings is the cut of the stone. The round cut has exceptional brilliance and fire. Princess cut engagement rings have a symmetrical square shape, and provide elegance, brilliance and sparkle. An emerald cut is sophisticated and elegant. They are more transparent than a round diamond, but provide less sparkle or fire. The marquise cut has a distinctive shape that provides the illusion of long and slender fingers. This cut provides one of the largest surface areas of any other shape, and features 33 facets on the crown and 25 facets on the pavilion. Heart shaped diamonds are for those die hard romantics. 59 facets create a fiery sparkle. A cushion cut requires larger facets for the bling, and makes the perfect vintage inspired look. The cut of the stone determines how light enters and exits the stone. Each facet of a diamond plays with the light to create brilliance, fire and scintillation.


White light hits the facets and creates a contrast between white light and shadows. If more contrast exists, the brilliance is greater. Brilliance is a desirable characteristic, which determines the quality of the cut.

The Fire

The fire of the diamond is noticed when playing with the stone beneath a light to observe the scattered white light and the prism it creates. Light should pass through the crown after striking each pavilion, creating the fire. A shallow cut will produce a low angle exit of light through the bottom of the diamond, making it appear dull and darker.


Diamonds sparkle. Scintillation is the flash of light or sparkle produced when light travels through a transparent object. An ideal diamond has symmetry of 58 facets.

Color of Diamond Engagement Rings

The color of diamond engagement rings can vary from icy white colorless to light yellow. Colorless diamond engagement rings are rare, desirable and expensive. Yellow is the most common, and the least expensive. When selecting a diamond, it is important to consider the type of metal it will be partnered with.

Choosing a Metal for Engagement Rings

While the metal used for engagement rings is mostly about preference, it is important to match the stone with the metal. If we choose platinum or silver bands, the diamond must be near colorless due to the bright appearance of the metal. Yellow gold is visually appealing, and compliments tinted diamonds that would not be compatible with silver and platinum bands. Almost anything goes with color and rose gold. Rubies, pink sapphires, garnet, and anything with a pink hue create eye-catching beautiful engagement rings on any type of metal.


We want all things to be flawless. When it comes to diamond engagement rings, there is no exception. The clarity of a diamond refers to tiny markings on the stone. A flawless diamond is rare, making it the most expensive.

Carat Weight

The carat weight refers to the size of the stone. It is important to know whether your true love desires a bulky diamond or prefers a smaller stone. What is small and what is big are relative. Size is often believed to be the most important characteristic of engagement rings. This fallacy sends us on a hunt for the largest diamond we can afford. However, all factors, the cut, color, clarity and carat weight must be given equal importance. For reference, each carat is divided into 100 points.

Engagement Rings

Buying Engagement Rings

There are very few rules to buying engagement rings. Never go crazy in debt to buy the ring. Avoid the temptation and do not let emotion control the purchase. It is okay to use store credit and finance the ring, but do it responsibly. When we are getting married and beginning a life with another person, we want to begin without a lot of debt.

How Much Should It Cost?

Toss out the old rule about the cost of engagement rings equaling twice your salary. Every budget is unique, making this rule obsolete. Instead, spend a comfortable amount on a ring that demonstrates an effort to save and sacrifice for the purchase without breaking your bank or creating a large amount of debt that will hurt you later. The rule of cost is determined by your individual budget.

Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

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