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The Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

What You Need to Know About Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are part of a delectable tradition that conveys your theme and symbolizes good luck and fortune. When you think of wedding cakes, you might imagine three tiers topped with a tiny sculpture of a bride and groom. There is more than just decorative layers on the cake plate to consider. You will have a wedding cake, a groom's cake and specialty dessert cakes with a few important decisions to fill them.

The Groom’s Cake

The groom’s cake can be a little mystery. Do we need a groom’s cake? What purpose does it serve? How did it ever become part of wedding traditions? The groom’s cake is believed to have originated in Victorian England and became popular in the American south. This special cake is usually a small and rich accent to the wedding cake that is displayed on a separate table. In history, this delicious gift was everything from fruitcake to cheesecake. As traditions evolved, the groom’s cake became a masculine chocolate cake that is decorated to match the interests of the groom. It is not always chocolate and does not always make a table at the reception. It is common to serve the groom’s cake during the rehearsal dinner.

Wedding Cakes

Traditional Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes date back to Roman times, when it was good luck to sprinkle crumbs over the bride's head. The wedding cake is a symbol of good luck. Traditional wedding cakes are what come to mind when we think of cake on our wedding day. While the white and light design is absolutely timeless, modern wedding cakes of today come in different sizes, shapes and creative three dimensional sculptures. Wedding cakes are a canvas for creativity. You can keep it simple and classic or choose different designs and colors to match your theme. You will need to choose your cake flavors and fillings. You will also need to think about the size and the shape of your masterpiece. A professional baker can help you design your layers and tiers from the inside out.

Cutting the Cake

The cake cutting ceremony is an important part of the wedding reception. This important event occurs on a timeline at a special moment during the reception. Somewhere between the fine dining experience and the first dance, the couple poses for magical wedding photography and a special ritual that involves cutting the first piece of cake together. The bride usually grips a decorative knife, while the groom places his hand over her hand to cut the bottom tier together. The magic is in how it is done. The bride and groom usually feed each other a bite of the cake and capture it on camera to remember it forever. Traditionally, the bride and groom save the top tier in a freezer to enjoy on their first wedding anniversary.

Wedding Cakes

Dessert Wedding Cakes

There are more wedding cakes to consider on your wedding day. You can never go wrong with extra sweets at your special celebration. You might consider chocolate truffles, strawberries, petite fours or specialty cupcakes in a variety of flavors. Small dessert wedding cakes can be a sweet addition to your reception.

Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

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