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The Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

Your Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering

Your entire wedding day will include a celebration that revolves around food. According to tradition, your wedding will include a cocktail hour, reception, favors and a cake cutting ceremony. The catering is one of the most important and most memorable parts of the celebration. Explore these tips to plan for the perfect wedding catering.

Cocktail Hour

The reason for the cocktail hour is not always understood. What happens during this hour? Most of us envision cocktails. The reality of this main event is quite different. The cocktail hour is designed to keep the guests entertained with delightful hors d'oeuvres and drinks while the newlyweds snag a moment for a private toast, enjoy delicious appetizers and capture wedding photography moments. This highlight moment on the timeline will involve some wedding catering for the guests. When you plan your reception, you will need to plan the foods you want to serve during your cocktail hour. It is recommended that you follow your theme, while trying to provide a variety that most will enjoy. This will be a flavorful teaser just before the fine dining experience. Choose a selection that pairs well with what comes next.

Wedding Catering

The Tables for Wedding Catering

Your reception tables will be part of the wedding catering experience; therefore, each table should be thoughtfully designed to match the theme and compliment the cuisine. Even the chinaware will become part of the design. It is important to consider your choice of colors near food, and how the colors will affect the perception of the dining experience. You should also avoid fragrant floral arrangements and scented candles near food. Scents will affect the way food is experienced.

Choosing the Cuisine

Presentation and the selection of cuisine are equally important. It can be a challenge to please every palate. You should never plan your wedding catering with an expectation that you will serve exactly what everyone wants, unless you are allowing each guest to select their dining options on the RSVP card or taking orders table-side. The best way to choose your cuisine is to consider your theme and offer a variety that creates options. Most couples choose to serve chicken or beef. Seafood is a less common option. You should consider food allergies and vegetarians. If you are inviting children, you might consider dishes that children will enjoy.

Candy Bar and Dessert Cart

Every wedding venue should be perfectly designed and decorated according to the way you dreamed it up in imagination. Vow to your true love in a space filled with romance, elegance and the sweet flavor of a candy bar. A candy bar is a buffet-styled candy station with decorative glass dishes, décor, lighting and your favorite candies to match your colors and theme. Fill your candy bar with individually wrapped candies in colored foil. Mix and match type and shape from a variety of chocolate truffles, caramel balls, M&M’s, peanut butter cups, chocolate gems, twisted lollipops, swirly lollipops, rock candy sticks, pillow mints, jewels, and more. Consider rolling a candy bar or dessert cart to the dance floor for a late snack of chocolates or a confectionery dream of petit fours or chocolate-dipped pretzels.

Wedding Catering

Catering the Cake

Your cake will be ordered from a cake designer, separate from your wedding catering. However, the cake cutting ceremony will be a very special part of the dining experience. This is the sweet and playful moment where the bride and groom cut and share the first slice of cake together. The cake cutting ceremony should take place about forty-five minutes after the main course is cleared. Try to avoid waiting too late into the wedding reception for the cake.

The Grand Exit

The grand exit should be an unforgettable getaway. Most traditions involve a glamorous exit with fireworks, sparklers and a stylish vehicle. In some cultures, the bride and groom see the guests off. However your guests make their exit, it is a good idea to have a small treat or favor to handout as they leave. Handing out the favors upon exit prevents guests from leaving treats behind on the table.

Wedding Catering

Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill is a luxurious wedding venue designed to match the wedding of your imagination with all of the furnishings, floral designs and décor. Every table is set for an absolutely exquisite dining experience. Plan with Crystal Ballroom, and create your fairy tale.


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