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Wedding Planning During a Wedding Boom

Wedding Planning

If you are just beginning the exciting journey of wedding planning, you are in the middle of one of the largest wedding booms in history. Whether you just got engaged or are working on a postponed timeline, we have the advice you need to plan your wedding day successfully during a time of such competition. Most couples plan their wedding over the course of a year to a year and a half. This is usually a safe timeline for planning. However, the demand is shifting and so is the timeline. We surveyed the wedding industry to discover all the secrets to wedding planning during a wedding boom.

Booking a Venue During a Wedding Boom

Booking the venue is always one of the very first steps to wedding planning. You might consult your budget, create an idea about guest count and begin imagining your wedding day, but all of the decisions about your location, colors, theme, date and time are locked down at the wedding venue. It can be really important to plan with an all-inclusive wedding venue during a time with such a high demand for furnishings and décor. The more that is included, the better. Due to postponements and a shift in wedding trends, we are currently in one of the largest wedding booms. According to wedding planners, you must book your wedding venue earlier in the wedding planning process. While the normal timeline for booking the wedding venue is about a year prior to your wedding day, this boom suggests booking much earlier. It is not crazy beyond imagination to see a couple booking two to three years in advance. When you find that picturesque backdrop in the romantic setting of your dreams, and your date is available, do not risk losing the date.

Wedding Planning with Vendors

After you book your venue, you should start putting the fine details together, such as the dress, catering, entertainment, cake, and invitations. Just as with the venue, do not hesitate to book your vendors. Wedding planning during a wedding boom really does demand that everything on the timeline is done sooner. Purchase your wedding dress, and book your catering, entertainment, photography, officiant and transportation about a year in advance. Design your wedding cake about eight to nine months prior to your wedding day. Designing a wedding cake is a labor-intensive project, limiting the number of custom cakes one designer can create in a certain time period. If you want custom-designed invitations with the elegance of a calligrapher, make sure you put your order in at least eight to nine months prior to your wedding day. Your wedding party’s attire should be purchased at least seven to eight months prior to your wedding day. Once you have planned the attire, you can begin to coordinate the wedding bouquets. Order your wedding bouquets no later than seven months prior to your wedding day. The best vendors fill their calendars quickly. Always consult with your venue’s list of preferred vendors for excellence, flexibility and the best rates.

Wedding Planning

Catering Your Wedding Day

There is a consensus among planners that the catering is a very important decision. It can absolutely make or break your wedding day. The dining experience will define your entire celebration, since weddings revolve around food. You will have a cocktail hour with hors d'oeuvres and create a presentation with the cuisine. Quality catering companies with a reputation fill their calendars quickly. Do not hesitate to explore a tasting, explore service styles and plan your catering experience. If possible, choose a wedding venue with a catering connection that can create the fine dining experience you envision. Book your catering about a year in advance.

Wedding Photography

Envision your wedding day and think about how you want to remember those moments. Think about the feeling you want in the style of the shoot and the editing. Find examples of the art you love on social media and wedding planning websites, create a picture board with those ideas, and take your vision with you to a meeting with a wedding photographer. Wedding planning has a timeline, and so does the wedding photography. Since it can be challenging to book your date with a sought-after photographer, secure your photographer early.

Wedding Planning

Wedding Entertainment

The wedding entertainment will create the vibe of your celebration and be a reflection of your style. Before booking a live band or DJ, there are a few things to consider, such as the size of the venue and your budget for wedding planning. Some venues have space and sound restrictions to consider. A live band and a DJ might play the same playlist, but the presentation will create a very different experience. There is no comparison to the vibe a live performance creates, but the DJ can deliver a non-stop club-style experience that mixes and fades with high energy. Live wedding entertainment is usually more expensive than hiring a DJ. Bands typically charge between $2,000 and $8,000. In contrast, a DJ costs between $800 and $2,500. Since the entertainment relies upon the talent of an artist during a competitive wedding boom, be prepared to book your entertainment around the same time that you book your catering and photography.

Let the Professionals Help

You might be wedding planning during one of the largest wedding booms in history, but that doesn’t mean it should be more stressful. This is an exciting process that involves creating happy memories with your partner, family and close friends. Avoid the stress, and let the professionals help. One of the best tips for planning during this time of high demand in the wedding industry, is to book an all-inclusive wedding venue that can provide an elegant space with in-house designers, flowers, décor, services and a vendor list. If you choose a wedding venue with in-house planners and designers, there is no need to stress over renting all the details separately.

Flexible Wedding Planning

Wedding planning during a massive boom requires a little flexibility. There are advantages to planning early. There are also benefits to planning a weekday wedding or a daytime wedding. A weekday wedding can provide pretty attractive savings that can make it beyond worth it. Surveys suggest that most wedding venues have significantly reduced rates during the week. Wedding vendors can also provide additional savings on weekdays. This means your photography might be cheaper and your entertainment could cost you less. The reasoning could be associated with availability, since there are more weekdays than weekends available in a year. This can give you more savings and flexibility.

Wedding Planning

Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill

Bring imagination to the elegant space of Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill. This luxurious wedding venue spares nothing in the process of creating the fairy tale. The all-inclusive packaging includes all of the décor, furnishings, linens, floral arrangements, formal chinaware, staff services and vendor connections. Experience an impressive bar service and a sophisticated cocktail hour. Build your wedding team with Crystal Ballroom vendors and the assistance of the free concierge service. Who said wedding planning needs to be stressful? Plan a flawless event without the stress at Crystal Ballroom Rock Hill.


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